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PULSAFEEDER,INC. (PULSAFEEDER,INC.) was founded in the early 1940s. Larry Wilson invented Wilson chemical feeding equipment -- a hydraulic driven diaphragm metering pump in the world. In 1939, LAPP Insulator, of LeRoy, n.y.

Pasifida metering pumps joined IDEX group in May 1992. IDEX is a super large multinational corporation, which owns not only pasifida metering pump, but also gear pump group Viking, pneumatic pump AODD group and flow meter LC group. To provide complete fluid solutions to customers all over the world. Companies under IDEX design, manufacture, and sell volumetric pumps, flowmeters, and other fluid handling pumping equipment and systems. IDEX is a diversified manufacturer with global manufacturing, design and sales capabilities. The group is committed to achieving perfect operation and continuous process improvement through the implementation of LEAN production process, Kaizen continuous improvement process, 6sigma process and global procurement sys