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PH ORP Controller
GL Environment offer: Apure PH ORP meter, water analyzers, turbidity meter, chlorine meter, dissolved oxygen meter, BOD, COD etc
Conductivity meter
GL Environment offer: Conductivity meter, conductivity controller, EC tester, Resistivity meter. Brand like SUNTEX, SEKO, Endress+Hauser
Dissolved oxygen and residual chlorine Meter
main products:Dissolved oxygen Meter, DO meter, chlorine meter, chlorine tester, for testing and controlling, for water treatment, for Aquaculture and agricultural irrigation
Sensors for water analyzers
We offer various instrument installation accessories, PH meter electrode, PH meter calibration solution, conductivity meter installation accessories, dissolved oxygen probe, residual chlorine tester flow cup and other common pipe accessories.
Large instrument
Chemical Oxygen Demand Tester,Industrial Corrosion Rate Instrument,BOD tester, multi-parameter water quality analyzer, for swimming pool water, circulating water,waste water, water treatment.
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