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Chemical Mechanical diaphragm Dosing Pump

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Manufacturers Chemical Mechanical Plunger Dosing Pumps

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Diaphragm metering pump with special flexible diaphragm replace piston design processing, under the action of a driving mechanism to realize reciprocating motion, complete the suction and discharge process. Electric diaphragm pump due to the isolation of the diaphragm in the structure of the measurement of fluid and drive lubrication mechanism between the isolation. High-tech structure design and selection of new materials have greatly improve the service life of the diaphragm, coupled with excellent corrosion resistance properties of composite materials, diaphragm metering pump has now become the main pump fluid metering application type.

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Technical parameters sheet of JBM series mechanical diaphragm metering pump

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1, The structure is completely leak-free.
2, It can be used PVC, PTFE, 304, 316, etc. as the pump head material.
3, Suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali resistant liquid.
4, It can be installed on the medicine tank.
5, Easy to install, repair and maintain.
6, High operational safety performance.
7, Free to adjust the flow during operation.

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