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Chemical Plunger dosing pump for Petrochemical

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Technical Data:

Max flow rate:329L/H

Max discharge pressure:211bar

Regulating ratio: 10:1, Steady precision:±1%

Suction lift:3M

Main feature:

Driving end

a.Unique eccentric turbine integrated structure,compact mechanism, accuratetravel, small installation space

b.Wear-resisting ball bearings, running is more stable

c.Oil bath lubrication, drivingcomponentshavelongworkinglife

d.Flow regulationin downtime or running state, adjustment modecan beselectedmanuallyor frequency conversion

Hydraulic end

a.Bypass oil supply form, hydraulic drive diaphragm, long service life

b.The built-in structure of pressure relief valve will protect pump head anddiaphragm automatically

c.Many kind of pump head material likePVC, PVDF, 316SS, fit for all kind ofmaterials

d.Option: Pressure double diaphragm leak detection(local/long-distance) alarm

Control mode

a. Power supply: 380V/220V-50Hz/three phase/single phase

b. The frequency conversion controller accepts the external control signal, regulates the stroke speed, and the input signal is 4-20 mA analog signals

c. The motor controller controls the three-phase motor in an open / stop mode to adjust the output flow

Main application

Petrochemical industrychemical, power, metallurgy and other fields, especially in the field of high precision, high pressure, high temperature outstanding performance.

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