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Electric submersible small progressive cavity pump

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Electric submersible small progressive cavity pump

RV screw pump is an American standard designed for small flow liquid
Special structure pump designed for body transfer system. It has a general structure
In addition to its working characteristics, it has the following advantages:

θ  Axial dimensions are small, 1/3-1/2 shorter than conventional pumps, and pumps tend to be miniaturized.
Temperature impact small, low working torque.

θ  Absorption capacity is strong, up to 7-8m, even at very low speed, flow stability.
Usually used as dosing pump for measurement.

θ  Low energy consumption, suitable for the miniature pump, even 40W motor can work normally.

θ  RV product models of 0.4, 0.8 and 1.5 are expressed as at 0MPa.
At 400r/min, the flow rate is 0.4 l /min, 0.8 l /min. 1.5l, the latter number is 3, which can produce 1.6-1.8mpa work stress.

θ  Similarly, the previous Numbers of 3.2, 6.2 and 12.2 are shown at 0MPa and 400r/min
The flow rate is 3 liters per minute. 6 liters, 12 liters, the latter number 2 is 2
The stage pump can produce 1.01-1.2mpa working pressure.

Installation dimensions of RV screw pump:


                                                Screw pump structure diagram

Screw pump working principle of the video:

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