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Apure A10 digital conductivity meter

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Apure A10 digital conductivity meter for water

A10 industrial conductivity (TDS) instrument is intelligent upgrade product of ES-2200 industrial conductivity instrument. The electrical conductivity (TDS) value of various industrial water can be continuously measured and controlled. The device is widely used in scientific experiment equipment, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgy, papermaking, food, beverage and water supply industries.

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What is the purpose of the conductivity meter?

Conductivity meter (EC meter) mainly measures the conductivity value in solution. It has a variety of scientific and engineering applications and is commonly used in hydroponics, aquaculture, freshwater systems and water treatment industries to monitor the amount of nutrients, salts or impurities in water.

Why to say the measurement of water conductivity value is very important?

In general, the higher conductivity value shows that the water dissolved chemicals. Conductivity measuring water conductive ability. As a result of the dissolved salt conduction current and other inorganic chemicals, electrical conductivity increases with the increase of salinity.

Conductivity calibration:

Technical Parameter

Sensor input range

KS-0.01 : 0.055~200 uS/cm

KS-0.1 : 0.1~2000 uS/cm

KS-1 : 1 us/cm~20mS/cm

KS-10 : 10 us/cm~200 mS/cm


±1% FS




Back light 3.5-bit LCD

Temperature comp

based on 25℃, temperature compensation coefficient can be corrected

Cable length

5m or others(5~30m)

Temperature compensating element




Control output

two groups of relays, alarm transfer contact (3A/250 V AC)

Power supply 

AC 220V ±10% 50HZ and DC 24V

Medium pressure



96× 96 × 132mm (height × Width × Depth)

Panel cut-out



Cut-out Fit-In


● Factory standard configuration is Chinese interface, can be switched to English in the language menu.
● Conductivity (TDS) and temperature measurement, upper limit control, current output and digital communication.
● It can be free to adjust the conductivity temperature compensation coefficient and TDS conversion coefficient.
● Two relays, conductivity (TDS) and temperature can be controlled respectively, and the hysteresis can be adjusted freely.
● In a set of instrument mode isolation transmission port can be configured with electrical conductivity (TDS) or temperature, the maximum loop resistance of 300 Ω.
● Voice alarm switch function, through the interface options setting on or off.
● LCD backlight can choose energy-saving mode, auto off timer.
● High performance CPU, excellent electromagnetic compatibility.
● One click restore factory parameter function.
● Password management functions, prevent misuse of non professional personnel.

Measuring electrode installation

Measuring electrode installation.jpg

Correspondence between TDS and conductivity

Conductivity parameters 01.jpg

EC-sensor-zh 01.jpg