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Water treatment Dosing tanks

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Water treatment Dosing tanks with agitator

Dosing tank is located in the sewage pool or other chemical liquid pool, after before the distribution of lateral system in sewage. If there is an on demand system, the pump is shut down when sufficient waste water is collected from the tank and the dose is delivered. Commonly used with sewage treatment and other industrial situations.

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What is the function of dosing pump?

Water treatment dosing pump. Dosing pump is a positive displacement pump, used to very precise in the flow of chemical or other substances to the fluid.

What is antiscale dosing pump?

Scale inhibitor dosing pump is in before entering the reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor injection water pretreatment process. This pump is often used in water treatment, make it work properly.

Dosing tank is how to work?

Float water level (or series of float) measurement, and signal to the measuring system, once the waste water in the tank reaches a certain level, will be pulled out of water. Dosing system as far as possible is the purpose of reduce the risk of water immersion septic tanks or permeability filter.

Dosing tank with agitator video:

Features: one-time molding, acid and alkali resistance, collision resistance, high temperature resistance(80"C freeze resistance, easy installation and movement, top stirring and metering pump 

Applications: water treatment, petrochemical, electroplating textile printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical foods, food pickling, household, liquid storage, transportation, blending containers

Mixer tank cabinet volume: 30L~3000L

We have a variety of liquid mixers, some of the parameters can be customized. If you need to choose the type or are interested in this product, please send us an inquiry, there will be professional technicians to provide services for you.


Main application

For process engineering ,such as blending , dissolution , medicament preparation, neutralization, solution blending, solid floating , coagulation, etc. It is widely used in water treatment, fine chemicals and terminal products.