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GT50 liquade pump

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Product Description

Liquade Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump has a 51 mm (2″) inlet and 51 mm (2″) outlet and is designed for flows to 617 lpm (163 gpm).The Metal pump is manufactured with wetted parts of aluminum, 316 Stainless Steel, and Cast Iron. We also have electric double diaphragm pump, it's more energy efficient.

Famous for its long life and easy serviceability, the durable Series is the first air distribution system (ADS) that originated in the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump industry. Though enhancements have been made, these pumps work well in certain applications where quality of the compressed air is a concern. These pumps are easy to maintain, cost effective, and economical.Portable and available in a single-point exhaust option for submersible applications, the series in utilitarian-type applications,including the transfer of water, slurry and more.


  • Simple air distribution system design, minimal moving parts

  • Clamped design for lightweight and quick maintenance

  • Ability to handle dirty air applications

  • Single-point exhaust


Wetted Part Material

  • Aluminum alloy:33 KG (ATEX Option)

  • SS316:51.5 KG (ATEX Option)

  • Cast iron:47 KG (ATEX Option)


Diaphragm Material

  • Teflon

  • EPDM

  • Viton

  • Santoprene

  • NBR

  • Neoprene


Max. Flow Rate

  • Rubber diaphragm:623 LPM

  • TP diaphragm:630 LPM

  • Teflon PTFE:618 LPM


Max. Suction Lift

  • Rubber:Dry 6.95 M / Wet 8.6 M

  • Thermoplastic compound: Dry 6.7 M / Wet 8.6 M

  • TeflonPTFE:Dry 6.7 M / Wet 9 M



  • Liquid inlet:2”

  • Liquid outlet:2”

  • Air inlet:1/2”

  • Max. inlet pressure:8.62 BAR(125 PSI)

  • Max. size solids:6.4 mm (1/4″)