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Sludge Dewatering Machine Screw Press

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Sludge Dewatering Machine Screw Press


Sludge screw press is using the principle of the screw extrusion, through screw diameter and pitch changes produce strong extrusion, and the tiny cracks between swimming ring with fixed ring, implementation to squeeze dewatering sludge of a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment.

Construction principle:

The main body of the superimposed screw sludge dehydrator is composed of multiple stationary rings and floating rings, and the helical axis runs through the filter device. The front section is the thickening section, and the back section is the dewatering section. The sludge concentration and pressing dewatering work is completed in one cylinder, which replaces the traditional filter cloth and centrifugal filtration mode with a unique and subtle filter body mode.

Dehydration principle:

Sludge in the concentration after gravity concentration, is transported to the dehydration department, in the process of progress with the filter joint and pitch gradually smaller, as well as the back pressure plate block, produce a great internal pressure, volume is shrinking, to achieve the purpose of full dehydration.

Screw press operation


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