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Sandpiper pneumatic diaphragm pump

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Sandpiper pneumatic diaphragm pump

SANDPIPER’s most popular product line, offering a large variety of performance and application capabilities
Standard Duty Pumps are ideally suited for intermittent / on-demand, portable, moderately abrasive fluids, and suspended solids. Standard duty pumps are constructed in Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and non-metallic materials such as PTFE, Polypropylene, and PVDF with elastomer TPE (thermal plastic elastomers) and PTFE options in diaphragms and check valves.

ESADS+PLUS Air value
Accomplished in minutes without removing pump from service by removing only 4 bolts.5 Minutes for maintenance and cleaning. Saves you money by minimizing downtime.

Simple to run & safe:
* Self-priming, no need to pump, dry operation
* Portable or car-mounted
* Easy to install and low maintenance costs
* Easy to assemble repeatedly, simple structure and low maintenance cost
  Easy to assemble repeatedly, simple structure and low maintenance cost
* Unique ESADS +Plus online external service air valve unit
  1 wrench, 4 bolts, 5 minutes to complete the maintenance and cleaning of the valve and reversing valve.
* Explosion-proof safety
  No power or fuel supply required
  Compressible air or natural gas drive, EU ATEX certification
* No need for expensive piping and accessories
  No safety valves, bypass lines, valves, etc. are required at the dead point

* Material handling capacity: can handle materials containing large particles of solid particles, such as mud, abrasive,
  corrosive or easy to deposit
* particulates.
* Variable flow self-regulation, standard metal pump shuts down pressure to 8.6 kg
* Application flexibility: Proper selection allows one pump to deliver multiple media without regard to motor power issues.

* Easily pass large (up to line size) solids and shear-sensitive materials without degradation or heat buildup/transfer
* Run Dry & Deadhead without damage
* Does not damage shear-sensitive materials
* Consistent Performance: Pumps abrasive fluids without gradual loss of flow as parts wear