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Reverse Osmosis RO System

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Reverse Osmosis Machine Drinking Filtration Pure Water RO System




The automatic controller of automatic water softening equipment generally adopts multi-way valve and controller.Resin tank with imported glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tank or domestic high quality glass pin resin tank, stainless steel resin tank, carbon steel lined plastic resin tank: resin with high quality 001x7 strong acid type sodium ion exchange resin: dissolved salt box with PE material.

The control mode can be divided into time control type, flow control type, continuous soft water supply system type of a variety of series, there are single valve single tank, single valve double tank, double with double tank in parallel, large multi-valve multi-tank series and other combination forms, to meet users' different water needs.

Flow type is the set flow control automatic regeneration, flow size can be set according to the resin loading and water quality.Time type is based on the resin loading amount and water quality in combination with the specific demand per hour to convert the time, by setting the time to control the automatic regeneration (7 days or 12 days according to the need to set the regeneration cycle, within 24 hours to choose the regeneration time).


1. With a high degree of automation and stable operating conditions, the whole-day dynamic softening water equipment can automatically complete the cycle process of softening and regeneration according to the preset procedures.Daily operation requires no manual operation except adding salt.

2. Advanced program control device, accurate and reliable operation, replace manual operation, fully realize the automatic conversion of each link of water treatment.

3. Low business efficiency, low energy consumption and economic operation cost.As the overall design of softener is reasonable, the exchange capacity of resin can be given full play, the equipment USES jet type salt absorption, instead of salt pump, reducing energy consumption.

4. Compact equipment structure, small floor area, saving capital construction investment, installation, debugging, easy to use, stable performance of operating parts.

5. Flexible selection, single tank, double tank and multi-tank system can be selected according to needs;Time, flow control: simultaneous regeneration, alternate regeneration and other operating modes.

6. Reliable performance and stable effluent quality.

7. Strong corrosion resistance. The tank body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, engineering
plastics or stainless steel, which can avoid the corrosion of the equipment caused by the regeneration agent.


The ordering process:

1. inform us of the need for the added chemicals, water treatment capacity on site, detailed drawings issued by the installation site requirements we give

2. quotation

3. your company confirm our quotation reasonable

4. negotiation details

5. orders and pay

6. drawing the picture and production