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Apure A10 water digital residual chlorine tester

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Apure A10 Swimming pool digital residual chlorine tester

A10CL is an online intelligent residual chlorine controller produced by our company with imported technology. It uses imported components and permeable filmhead, based on the latest polarographic analysis technology, advanced production technology and surface paste technology. The application of this series of adcanced analytical techniques to ensure the stability, reliability and accuracy of the long-term work of the instrument.

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Product Name:

APURE Online water analyser pH and chlorine tester/controller meter &sensor with 4-20mA



Measuring range:

Residual Chlorine: 0.00-20.00mg/L, 0.00-20.00ppm
Temp: 0-100℃

Accuracy :

±1% FS




0~99℃(resolution ratio 0.1℃)

Medium pressure:


Cable length:


Output signal:

1 set of 4-20mA signal

Power supply:

AC 100-240V±10% 50/60 HZ; DC12-24V

Panel cut-out:


Outline dimension:


Residual chlorine test:



●Large screen lattic liquid crystal display.
●Multi-parameter simultaneous display: residual chlorine value, temperature, output current.
●With the recovery factory setting function, the slope correction function.
●Manual/ automatic compensation, NTC10K or PT1000.
●Communication function(optional): it has RS485 communication interface(Modbus protocal is partly compatible), and the residual
chlorine value corresponding to the current output of 4-20mA can be set arbitrarily.
●Optoelectronic isolation 4-20mA current output.
●Hysteresis arbitrary setting function to avoid switching relay frequent action function.
●Watchdog function: make sure the meter doesn't crash.
●Power failure protection>10 years.