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SEKO K100 online dissolved oxygen conductivity meter

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SEKO k100 online dissolved oxygen conductivity chlorine ph meter


Kontrol series of products can be measured single parameter, double parameter and multi-parameter, with high measurement accuracy, simple operation of the practical characteristics. At the same time, the following parameters can be measured: pH/ORP, conductivity, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, sludge concentration, chlorine dioxide, bromine, hydrogen peroxide, flow and temperature.

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Site test:

Product Line

K100 PR- measure PH or ORP

K100 MP- measure residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen and peroxyAcetic acid, turbidity, ozone, hydrogen peroxide or other customized parameters

K100 CD- measures conductivity

K100-id - measure the inductive conductivity

K100 FX - measure flow with a single sensor

All models come with analog and digital outputs that end users can set up through software.In addition, the instrument is equipped with a program that enables the user to manage and maintain the measuring probe with the help of the "probe quality" control function.The data storage function provides users with operational cost information based on readings.


The Kontrol 100 series instruments are for the following fields

Ideal products for parameter measurement: electroplating, drinking water, irrigation system, cooling water treatment, flocculant, dosing system, waste water, pure water and reverse osmosis.

Software functions

The Kontrol 100 has a 4-20 ma analog input that extends the range of measurements to include hydrogen peroxide, bromine, ozone, and peroxyacetic acid.Based on its customized function, various types of probes can be connected, and then the user sets the measurement range, unit and measurement parameters.With standard RS485 serial interface, Kontrol 100 can communicate with local network and connect to network through communication hub.This function further improves the scope of the instrument, which can be set remotely and controlled by a technician.