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SEKO K800 multiple parameter online ph meter

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SEKO K800 multiple parameter online ph orp residual chlorine meter


Kontrol series of products can be measured single parameter, double parameter and multi-parameter, with high measurement accuracy, simple operation of the practical characteristics. At the same time, the following parameters can be measured: pH/ORP, conductivity, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, sludge concentration, chlorine dioxide, bromine, hydrogen peroxide, flow and temperature.

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Product Line

K800 PR Measure pH, ORP, and flow K800 PC Measure pH, residual chlorine, and flow K800 PRC Measure pH, ORP, residual chlorine, and flow

Kontrol 800 series can measure at least two parameters, Up to 6 parameters can be measured


Kontrol 800 is a multi-parameter measuring instrument that can measure up to 7 parameters at the same time. Professional level The instrument can provide the user with the measurement information and adjust all the information accordingly.

The Kontrol 800 has a single-channel 4-20 ma analog input to extend the measurement range, These include hydrogen peroxide, bromine, ozone and peracetic acid. Based on its custom function, it can connect various classes The measurement range, units and measurement parameters are set by the user.

Standard RS485 serial interface, Kontrol 800 can communicate with local network. Through the communication The hub can be connected to the network. This function further improves the function range of the instrument and can be carried out remotely Set it up and control it through a technician.

Special software is built in to convert the measurement of bromine into residual chlorine measurement to help users use bromine Elemental based chemicals, and more accurate measurements can be obtained.


SEKO applies its patented technology to the Kontrol series of instruments, making our instrument products meet many needs Measurement and analysis of water treatment requirements. Kontrol 800 is ideal for the following areas: drinking Water, irrigation system, cooling water treatment, swimming pool and flocculant dosing system.