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Centrifugal Air Suspension Turbo Blower

Release time:2021-05-11  Browse times:1147

High Speed Low Noise Oil Free Centrifugal Air Suspension Turbo Blower

Air suspension centrifugal blower is a kind of applied military aviation turbine mechanical design experience to develop a new concept of blower, its basic principles. It is supported by air suspension bearings and controlled by frequency converter magnetic synchronous motor directly drive coaxial centrifugal impeller work, created a new era of the ultimate energy saving and environmental protection blower.


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PM high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor

Efficiency can reach more than 97%.

Precision machined impeller

Adopt delicate design and precise manufacturing technology to ensure the high performance of the equipment.

Air foil bearings

Adopt air foil bearing, no mechanical friction, no need to add lubricating oil. No mechanical friction, can reduce noise and power loss to ensure good operation of equipment.

High quality frequency converter

Adopt high quality frequency converter with guaranteed performance to ensure high speed operation of equipment.


Adopts high efficiency control system, Modbus RTU/ Ethernet communication support.

The cooling method is air cooling

Adopt air cooling system, no need to add cooling water to achieve safe cooling.