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Portable handheld ultrasonic flow meter

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Main technical parameters
Measurement principle:
ultrasonic time difference

Measurement range : 0~±10m/s
Accuracy:  flow rate is better than ±1%
Display :  2 x 10 Chinese backlit characters or 2 x 20 character LCD display, support
Three languages:  Chinese, English and Italian
Flow direction:  Positive and negative two-way metering, and measure positive, negative,
net cumulative flow / heat
Data interface:  RS485 serial turbulence, can be upgraded by PC computer, support
MODBUS and other protocols
Data recording:  positive/negative/net accumulations at 512 days, 128 months and 10
days before automatic memory More than 30 times, power off time and flow rate before
automatic memory and can be automatically or manually added
Signal output:  1 channel 4-20mA current output 1 relay output
1 channel OCT pulse output (programmable between 6~100ms pulse width, default 200ms)
Signal input:  3 channels of 4-20mA analog input, accuracy 01%, can collect pressure, liquid level, warm
sleep and other signals


2-way three-wire PT100 platinum resistor for thermal measurement
Power supply : Ac85~264V or Dc8~36V

Measuring medium:  water, sea water, sewage, alcohol, various oils, etc., single, uniform,
stable liquid that can guide ultrasonic waves
Media turbidity:  ≤ 2000pm and small bubble content
Applicable pipe:  Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, PVc, aluminum, fiberglass and other uniform and
dense pipes, allowing lining
Straight pipe section:  The sensor installation point is best to meet: upstream 10, downstream 5, from
the pump outlet 300 (D is the diameter)