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Split type ultrasonic level meter

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AK-7000E Split Styles 4-20mA cheap analog liquid level meter is a high precision using the ultrasonic measurement of Venturi channels or Parshall flume flow meter, ultrasonic measurement in contact with the channel surface bounce back after the time, then according to the formula to calculate the channel flow, it can provide output flow, the flow rate and total flow

1. a set of 4-20 ma analog output
2. four groups of relay switch output
3. RS - 485 communication (Modbus RTU protocol) (optional)
4. IP65 protection class
5. ac 220 v and 24 v dc power supply (optional)
6. installation: split type, instrument hanging installation
7. sensor material: ABS plastic (PE/PTFE anti-corrosion material optional)
8. sensor with 10 m line (can be extended to 50 m)

 Products name

AK-7000E Split Styles 4-20mA liquid level meter cheap analog liquid capacitive level sensor

 Measuring range





4-20mA RS485465

Measurement accuracy





0ne year