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Stainless Steel Chemical liquid mixer

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Stainless Steel Chemical liquid mixer

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Features: one-time molding, acid and alkali resistance, collision resistance, high temperature resistance(80"C freeze resistance, easy installation and movement, top stirring and metering pump 

Applications: water treatment, petrochemical, electroplating textile printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical foods, food pickling, household, liquid storage, transportation, blending containers

Mixer tank cabinet volume: 30L~3000L

We have a variety of liquid mixers, some of the parameters can be customized. If you need to choose the type or are interested in this product, please send us an inquiry, there will be professional technicians to provide services for you.

Main application

For process engineering ,such as blending , dissolution , medicament preparation, neutralization, solution blending, solid floating , coagulation, etc. It is widely used in water treatment, fine chemicals and terminal products.


Reduction motor drive, screw - propelled vane or two blade plain vane.
a) Mixing ability:100-5000L,motor power100~2200W.
b) Working condition: barometric pressure,70℃.
c) Structuralmaterial:304 stainless steel,316 stainless steel,316Lstainless steel,lined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE.
d) Electrical specification:380V-50Hz-4p,IP55.
e) Selection function:special motor,lined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE, paddle vane.
f) Working restriction:Do not start upduring the emptying process and shear sensitive material.

Equipped with turbine reducer, this type is with low noise and light weight, besides, it also could save more space for using.

Details please consult us