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Submerged aeration roots blower

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Submerged aeration roots blower for sale

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Roots blower is a volumetric blower, it is dependent on two shape is involute "8" shaped rotor in the rotation of the studio volume change to transport gas, its working principle and gear pump the same, that is, each rotor is equivalent to only two teeth of the gear. A volumetric rotary blower, a rotary compressor that compresses and transports gas by using two blade-shaped rotors to move relative to each other in the cylinder. The blower has simple structure, easy fabrication, suitable for transmission and low pressure of the gas pressure, also can be used as a vacuum pump.

Roots blower display:


1,Low noise

2,No need to build a blower room or soundproof enclosure

3,Strong construction, using at ease

4,Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation

5,Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution 

Packing and Delivery time

Packing:Carton for 380v motor anti-corrosion submerged roots blower wholesale

Delivery time:5 days after payment


Products Description

Applicationindustrial water
Water temperature32℃below
Materialcast iron
Applicationindustrial water and so on


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Operating instructions

1. the admission temperature of the transmission medium should not be more than 40℃.

2. The content of the particle in the medium shall not exceed 100mg/m3, and the maximum size of the particle shall not exceed half of the minimum working gap.

3. The temperature of bearing should not be higher than 95℃ while the temperature of lubricating oil should not be higher than 65℃.

4. The pressure shall not be higher than the pressure boost range stipulated on the nameplate.

⒌ roots blower impeller and casing, impeller and side panel, impeller and impeller clearance factory has been set, to assembly to ensure that the clearance.

Pictures of the blower running, the main oil tank, auxiliary oil tank oil level must be between the two red lines of oil level.

Basic requirements

1. The blower shall conform to the provisions of this standard and be manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures.

2. The design, manufacture and general technical performance of the blower shall comply with the provisions of JB/T and 8941.1.

3. The blower shall be normally used under the condition that the inlet temperature is no higher than 40℃, the content of solid particles in the gas is no more than 100mg/ 'm^3', and the maximum particle size is no more than half of the minimum working clearance of the relative moving parts in the blower cylinder.

4. Under the specified working conditions, the accumulative trouble-free operation time of the blower shall not be less than 6000h.