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PVC plastic Y type filter

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Structural advantage: Y type filter material structure with advanced structure, small resistance, convenient discharge

Applicable medium: V filter, medium for water, chemical, oil

Filter accuracy: 30 mesh (routine), 60 mesh



The filter is an indispensable device in the pipeline of a conveying medium, usually installed at the inlet of pressure reducing valve and pressure relief valve, water level valve or other equipment. Used to eliminate impurities in the media to protect the normal use of valves and equipment.


Scope of application

Pipe filter is suitable for filtration of liquid and gas materials in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, medicine, food and other industries. Usually installed at the entrance of a pump, compressor or pipe in front of a flow meter. It is a device for protecting such equipment and meters, increasing purity of the product and purifying the medium.


Working principle

When the fluid flows through the filter, the impurity is blocked by the filter element in the filter, and the ideal fluid is discharged from the filter outlet to achieve the purpose of purification.


PVC material type Y filter structure size


When purchasing PVC material Y type filter, please provide the following data:

1. PVC material the caliber of the filter and the way of connection

2. PVC material filter material

3. It is best to inform the medium and temperature at the same time