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Single phase liquid mixer

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Single phase liquid mixer

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What is single-phase fluid?

Single phase fluid flow. Fluid dynamics of the classic study focused on the flow of a single homogeneous phase, such as water, air, steam, etc. When the fluid system in some important position liquid-gas two-phase flow occurs at the same time, must be addressed in the form of two phase flow.

What is solid-liquid mixing?

Mixed in solid and liquid is used to disperse aggregate, make the solid particle suspension, mix all sorts of solid particles in liquid and colloid, mixed two liquids in the paint and food.

Practical application of mixer:


Reduction motor drive, screw - propelled vane     or two blade plain vane.

a)        Mixing ability:100-5000L,motor power1002200W

b)        Working condition: barometric pressure,70

c)        Structuralmaterial:304 stainless steel,316 stainless steel,316Lstainless steel, lined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE

d)       Electrical specification:380V-50Hz-4p,IP55

e)        Selection function: special motorlined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE, paddle vane

f)         Working restrictionDo not start up during the emptying process and shear sensitive material.

Mixer dimension table


Main application

For process engineering ,such as blending , dissolution , medicament preparation,  neutralization, solution blending,  solid floating , 

coagulation, etc. It is widely used in water treatment, fine chemicals and terminal products.