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Digital temperature meter

Release time:2019-02-22  Browse times:1841

Digital display instrument with various analog output sensor, transmitter, complete temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, composition, measurement, transformation, display and control of physical quantities such as displacement.


◆ Compatible input of 2 kinds of signals: thermal resistance, thermocouple, standard current, standard voltage, millivolt, remote pressure gauge resistance sensing the zero point display value of the device, the full point display value of the sensor and the position of the decimal point can be set freely;

◆ Multi-level digital filter selection, effective filtering interference, effective elimination of non-critical jump to achieve alarm, control output, output converter 0 ~ 10 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA, 0 ~ 20 mA, 0 ~ 5 V, 1 ~ 5 V