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Back pressure valve

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What is back pressure relief valve?

Back pressure can affect the set pressure, also can affect the capacity of safety valve. Set pressure is the pressure relief valve starts to open. Capacity is the maximum flow relief valve will release.

What is a back pressure valve used for?

Back pressure regulating valve is a normally closed valve, used to block flow and keep the upstream pressure. With the pressure regulator is different, must be installed at the end of the pipe system of a back pressure regulator.

Product Features of Back Pressure Valve:

1, Compact structure and stable performance
2, Easy installation and debugging
3, Sensitive reaction and good reproducibility
4, Selective large size range DN10mm DN100mm
5, Small pressure difference by specially designed flow structure to avoid forming a closure
6, Easy to set the working pressure by regulating device
7, Installed in the bypassas overflow valve use
8, Used as anti siphon valve to prevent gravity under static conditions.

Product Application

Back pressure valves/safety valves/relief valves have the same principle. They are composed of diaphragm, valve body and spring components. They are used in fluid feeding system. They are generally used in metering pump system to protect metering pump.

Pressure setting range: 0-1.0 MPa

The diaphragm is made of PTFE material. The material of valve body is UPVC, CPVC, PVDF and SUS316L. Users can choose and buy the diaphragm according to needs.

Interface mode: flexible joint, welding, thread, flange, users can choose according to needs.