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LMI pumps milton roy metering dosing pump

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LMI’s family of electronic metering pumps offer:

• Adjustable stroke frequency and the flexibility of up to 1000:1 turndown ratio

• Manually adjustable stroke length provides accurate pump output adjustment

• NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosures for protection against corrosive environments

• Time tested electronics for reliable, repeatable performance

• Totally encapsulated electronics for protection against moisture and corrosive conditions

• Priming valves with Flourofilm ™ diaphragms and ramp style knobs for “hands free” priming

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Functions and advantages

Use general power 115-230v, 50/60hz drive platform

• maximum flow up to 7.57l /H(2GPH), maximum pressure up to 30.6bar(450PSI)
• simplified flow control with constant stroke length to maintain calibration within adjustable range. Advanced electronic components with dynamic compensation for temperature and voltage conditions
• FastPrime ™ hydraulic end (standard), can be integrated discharge valve fast easy for perfusion(optional), AutoPrime ™ hydraulic end, specially designed for degassing liquid (please see page 4) on performance specifications
•NEMA 4X/IP 65 enclosure is rugged and suitable for use in the most hostile environments and outdoors
• compact size, efficient use of space in processing applications or OEM configurations
• agency certification - NSF 61 and 50 (in application), ETL, CE
• decades of experience and LMI two-year warranty support