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ultrasonic open channel flowmeter

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 Apure ultrasonic open channel flow meter

Open channel flow meter using a common type of open channel flow measurement methods, including the use of hydraulic structures, such as weir or sink. Flow measurement into reservoir is a common application in which open channel flow measurement plays a role. When the liquid flow in a pipe or channel with free surface, open channel flow occurs.



 a set of 4-20 ma analog output

 RS - 485 communication (Modbus RTU protocol) (optional)

 IP65 protection class

 ac 220 v and 24 v dc power supply (optional)

 installation: split type, instrument hanging installation

 sensor material: ABS plastic (PE/PTFE anti-corrosion material optional)

 sensor with 10 m line (can be extended to 50 m)

Measuring range

Dead zone

Range accuracy


Parshall trough universal type 


±3mm/0.3%( standard conditions )

3  atmospheres below

Meter type

resolution ratio

Environment temperature

Meter display

split type



Built-in LCD display level
or space distance

Installation diagram of flowmeter in open channel:

Installation diagram of flowmeter in open channel..jpg

Installation principles

1) The distance from the transmitter surface of the transducer to the lowest level should be less than the range of the optional instrument;

2) The distance from the transmitter surface of the transducer to the highest level should be greater than the blind area of the optional instrument;

3 ) The transmitter surface of the transducer shall remain parallel to the surface of the liquid;

4) The meter is mounted on the center of the canal or on a static well. 

5)The meter should be installed upstream of the weir plate or weir groove.

 Install caution

1) The instrument housing is best connected to the Earth;

2) Wire, cable protection pipe, should pay attention to prevent too much water; 

3) Although the instrument has its own lightning protection device, but when used in the Dorey area, it is best to install a special lightning protection device at the inlet end of 4 Shielding wire black red the instrument.

4) The meter is used in particularly hot and cold places, that is, the ambient temperature may exceed the working requirements of the instrument, it is best to add a high and low temperature device around the liquid level meter.