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metal dual pipe bimetal thermometer

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Bimetallic thermometer is a kind of suitable for measuring the temperature field testing instrument, can bimetallic thermometer used to directly measure the liquefaction, the temperature of the gas. Compared with glass mercury thermometer has no pump, reading clear, durable and other advantages.

The temperature measurement of the bimetal thermometer is realized through the temperature sensing of the helical spring bimetal sheet made of bimetal inside the system. Its bimetal material is composed of two indivisible metal pieces, because the thermal expansion coefficient of the two metal pieces is different and therefore in the case of temperature changes will occur in different degrees of stretching deformation. This stretching deformation is approximately proportional to temperature. One end of the sheet metal is fixed and the other end is fixed as a whole with the indicating shaft, thus driving the indicating shaft to rotate and indicating the corresponding temperature value on the dial when the sheet metal stretches and deforms.

The bimetal thermometer with electric contact is equipped with electric contact group, adjusting device and outlet box. When the temperature changes, the pointer (moving contact) and the pre-set temperature fixed contact (upper or lower limit) contact or disconnect the moment, so that the control line relay or contactor action, thus achieving automatic temperature or alarm function.

Technical Performance

○ Measuring range:  -60 ℃ ~ 500 ℃

○ Dial dimensions:  60, 100, 150 (for electrical contact bimetallic thermometers only 100)

Structure: universal, axial, radial, push - core type

○ Accuracy:  1.0% 1.5%

○ Thermometer liner length:  50·2000mm

○ Liner diameter:  6mm, 8mm and 10mm respectively (liner length from 50 to 1250mm)

12mm, 14mm (tail pipe length 1250mm~2000mm)

○ Connection thread:  M16X1. 5, M27X2, M33 * 2, G1/2, G3/4, 1/2 NPT (M16 * 1.5 is only used to dial size Φ 60)

○ Nominal pressure:  6.4MPa

○ Please refer to the thermowells section for thermowells

○ Protection level:  IP65


The thermometer with local mechanical display the temperature.


Shape of thermometer

The b100mm Insert length thread connection industry oil tank Bimetal thermometer with four types shape:Radial;Axial;universal;135 °


Diameter for panl and connection

The thermometer panl dia is 60;100;150mm,connection is thread and flange connection optional