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Apure A10 Industrial digital ph controller

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Apure A10 online Industrial digital ph controller

Apure A10 series PH/ORP controller is an intelligent on-line chemical analysis instrument. It can continuously monitor data and realize remote transmission monitoring and recording. It can also connect to the RS485 interface. You can also easily connect to a computer using the 4-20ma protocol. 

It is widely used for electronics, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgy, paper making, food industry, water supply and other industry etc. 

A10 pH controller display pictures:

1562314031464216.jpg 1562314030322440.jpg  1562314031588715.jpg  1562314035630312.jpg

Technical Parameter

Sensor input range

0.00 ~ 14.00 PH




± 0.1PH 


Back light 3.5-bit LCD

Temperature comp

Automatic programmable compensation standard Temperature: 0-60 degree/c


0.05cm-1 sanitary grade electrode,1/2" thread

Cable length

10m or others(5~30m)

Current output

Isolated 4-20mA current output Environmental conditions: Temperature:0~50C


≤ 85%RH

Control output

Relay control output, Hi,Lo,on,off

Power supply 

AC 220V ±10% 50HZ and DC 24V

Environmental conditions

temperature : 0~50°c; Humidity : ≤85%RH


96× 96 × 130mm (height × Width × Depth)

Panel cut-out



Cut-out Fit-In

Features of ph ec controller:

1. High accuracy :1%FS and resolution is 0.01ph,0.1C and 0.1mV

2. Multi-parameters display: pH,temperature,current,data,time and working state.

3. Easy operation: english menu and friendly Interface.

4. Tmeperation compensation can be up to 150C.

5. Out 4~20mA,0~10mA ;also can output two current for pH and temperature.

Please consult us for details and we will recover as soon as possible

Online pH calibration demonstration

Apure GRT1010 pH sensor for ph controller


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